FullTrust 4.2

Small business management, inventory control and points of sale


  • Highly customizable data fields
  • Suitable for small or large businesses


  • Takes some navigating around the GUI

Not bad

If you're a small business then inventory software and a decent accounting system can be an expensive investment.

However, applications such as FullTrust are a decent substitute for a fully professional inventory suite and allows small business management, inventory control, and points of sale control. The software is designed for any type of business whether it be a major warehouse or small sales outlet.

The main areas covered by the program are points of sale, inventory control, and commercial administration. It also includes a whole section devoted to customizing your company with necessary data according to business type, place, and market situation. Each one of the fields is offers a multitude of possibilities and groupings so that you can enter just about any kind of data essential to the running of your company.

Note that when you open the program, you are prompted for a username and password which by default are "admin" although you can change this to whatever you want once you are in.

An easy to use inventory and stock accounting package that businesses large or small will find useful.

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